At The Leeds Group we develop unique international business opportunities, build lasting corporate ventures, and implement strategic marketing solutions focused primarily in the roofing and construction industries. Many of the partnerships we take on, we typically become active shareholders in those companies. All of our efforts are focused on enhancing our partners business with increased visibility, sales and bottom line profits.


  • Building Non-Traditional Revenue Streams
  • Establishing New Strategic Alliances and Partnerships
  • Expanding New Equity Opportunities
  • Enhancing Our Partners Marketing and Business Development Efforts

Whether handling the development of a new sales channel, building the brand identity for a new business venture, promoting a partners new product or service with our strategic resources, or introducing a new business opportunity to our investment team, our approach is universal and our method is clear and concise…

  • Our clients and partners come first
  • Our process is unique and creative
  • Our management takes an ownership approach
  • Our results exceed expectations

We help solve your companies marketing and development problems, enhance your business and ultimately make your company more profitable.


The Leeds Group
Phone: 714.944.1793

1927 Harbor Blvd. #174
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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